Criminal Convictions Unit

The Criminal Convictions Unit began life as Scotland’s first campus-based Innocence Project, set up in 2007-08 by Dr. Eamonn O’Neill, Director of the MSc. in Investigative Journalism at Strathclyde. The unit is effectively the last resort for those who genuinely believe themselves to be innocent, but who have exhausted the ordinary appeal process. The unit is unique in that it consists of both law students, from the University of Strathclyde Law Clinic, and journalism students, enabling a comprehensive investigation of any case the unit works on.

The role of the unit is to analyse the circumstances of the conviction, the people and documents connected to the case, and to search for fresh evidence in striving to achieve access to justice for those wrongly convicted. Students are assisted throughout by criminal solicitors and academics where necessary. Following the investigation, a submission may be lodged with the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC), detailing the identified points of appeal. This will occuronly where the evidence suggests that the person is factually innocent. The hope is that the case will ultimately be referred to the High Court of Appeal to be reheard.

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