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Please note: An additional IAC session will run on Wednesday 27th May in the University of Strathclyde Law School. For additional information, contact the Law Clinic on 0141 548 5995

Law Clinic supporters discuss the success of the Law Clinic.

The Law Clinic would like to extend its sincere thanks to Paul Sayer (paulanthonysayer@gmail.com) for filming and editing this short film. It would also like to extend its thanks for all who agreed to be interviewed.

The Law Clinic was launched in October 2003 in order to provide free legal assistance to people in Glasgow and the surrounding area who are unable to obtain legal assistance through other means. The Clinic is intended to be complementary to existing legal services provided by lawyers and other agencies such as Citizens’ Advice Bureaux. It therefore,  does not act for anyone who can afford professional legal services, or who qualifies for legal aid. Nor will it act in areas like debt or immigration advice where there are already adequate services provided.

As the first and still the biggest university law clinic in Scotland, the Law Clinic builds upon a long tradition of student law clinics in other countries, where they are recognised for their value, not only to the community at large, but to each new generation of lawyers. While the Law Clinic prioritises the community’s needs for legal services and its clients’ interest, it is also recognised that students benefit from their involvement in clinic work by developing legal skills, experiencing law in operation, and reflecting on the ethics and justice of legal practice.

Since its launch, the Law Clinic has proved to be a tremendous success, taking on over eighty cases in its first year and has now completed over 1200 cases, in many cases achieving notable successes on behalf of clients, both through negotiating settlements and arguing cases in court. There are currently 195 student advisers working towards enhancing access to justice,  with four projects reaching out to various areas of the community. designed to extend the range of advice and assistance provided (the Initial Advice Clinics and Innocence Project), or to provide certain groups with information about the law to prevent legal problems arising in the first place.

I hope that you find this site useful and that any contact with the Law Clinic is a fruitful one. If you have any further queries, please contact me: donald.nicolson@strath.ac.uk

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Professor Donald Nicolson