In addition to the ‘core’ casework activities, the Law Clinic is currently running or setting up a number of different projects to expand our reach in the community and increase opportunities for students.

Each project is lead by a ‘Project Coordinator’, who sits on the Law Clinic Committee.

Criminal Convictions Unit

The Criminal Convictions Unit began life as Scotland’s first campus-based Innocence Project, set up in 2007-08 by Dr. Eamonn O’Neill, Director of the MSc. in Investigative Journalism at Strathclyde. The unit is effectively the last resort for those who genuinely believe themselves to be innocent, but who have exhausted the ordinary appeal process. The unit … Continue reading Criminal Convictions Unit

Clara Smeaton working on a case.

Small Business Law Unit (SBLU)

  Who are we? The Small Business Law Unit (SBLU) is a project currently in its pilot stage that provides legal services to small businesses in Glasgow and the surrounding areas that cannot afford the services of a solicitor. By providing this service, we hope to help rejuvenate the local community and empower the individuals behind these … Continue reading Small Business Law Unit (SBLU)

Public Legal Education

The Law Clinic offers a suite of Public Legal Education services to various groups, including school pupils and inmates at various prisons. The aim is always to educate a group of their rights, so as to prevent legal problems arising.