The Asylum Project (TAP)

TAP provides legal assistance and representation to destitute asylum seekers who, after having exhausted all their rights of appeal, may have grounds for a fresh application for asylum. 


The Asylum Project (TAP) is a project within the University of Strathclyde Law Clinic dedicated to assisting individuals in their asylum cases and related immigration matters.

TAP is collaborating closely with the Refugee Survival Trust (RST) on the Breathing Space Project to assist asylum seekers who have exhausted all rights of appeal. TAP also provides free, specialist immigration advice at the Initial Advice Clinics (IACs). For more information on IACs, click here.

Asylum seekers who have exhausted all rights of appeal are extremely vulnerable. Once their application for asylum is refused and their appeal is determined, they are normally no longer eligible for support or accommodation and often become destitute. They are not allowed to work, and they have no means of providing for themselves. This has obvious implications for their sense of dignity and their psychological, as well as their physical, health. Yet, many such asylum seekers have good grounds for remaining in the UK as a refugee or because their human rights will be violated if they return to their countries of origin.

Breathing Space is a unique accommodation service which prevents people from becoming destitute by providing safe temporary accommodation and legal advice to people while they work to resolve their situation. TAP’s role is to assess cases and provide legal support to those that are referred to the project.

Under this project, destitute asylum seekers who have been refused asylum and who have exhausted all rights of appeal will be eligible for accommodation pending a case assessment by the Law Clinic. The Law Clinic assessment will normally involve a review of the case paperwork, at least one case discussion with the client, and any follow up work necessary to establish case progress. If appropriate, we can also, in a limited number of cases, provide assistance such as evidence gathering or research in potential fresh applications for asylum.

The work is undertaken with the aim of referring the information and evidence compiled to an immigration solicitor that can lodge the fresh claim of asylum with the Home Office. Where required, we can also assist with signposting our clients to services that can support them.

Extensive ongoing support and detailed research is often required to evidence and support clients’ fresh claims of asylum. This can be time-consuming and often very stressful for our clients and legal aid provision for this type of work is extremely limited. TAP’s work can therefore play a crucial role in helping asylum seekers to advance a fresh application for asylum.

TAP also takes on a small number of referrals outside of the Breathing Space Project. If you would like more information or would like to make a referral, please contact the law clinic at or 0141 548 5995.