Refugee Survival Trust

The Clinic is now collaborating with the Refugee Survival Trust (RST) and the Scottish Refugee Council (SRC) on the Destitute Asylum Support Service (DASS) Project which aims to assist destitute asylum seekers who have exhausted all rights of appeal but who may have grounds for a fresh application for asylum in the UK.

Asylum seekers in this position are extremely vulnerable. Once their application for asylum is refused and their appeal is determined, they are no longer eligible for support or accommodation and often become destitute. They are not allowed to work and they have no means of providing for themselves. This has obvious implications for their sense of dignity and their psychological, as well as their physical, health. Yet, many such asylum seekers have good grounds for remaining in the UK as a refugee or because their human rights will be violated if they return to their countries of origin. The Clinic will be assisting those who meet our criteria by providing detailed research in support of fresh asylum applications before referring cases onto specialist solicitors.

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