We have links with 6 local secondary schools and have worked with thousands of school pupils.

To take Public Legal Education into schools in order to raise awareness of young people's rights and responsibilities.

We provide young people with information on the difference between criminal and civil law, employment law, consumer law, the Children’s Hearing System, Anti-Social Behaviour Orders and Sectarianism, and any area, such as cyber-bullying, which is of particular concern for schools.


The information is delivered through a series of interactive sessions which will include, mock trials, quizzes and negotiation sessions. We hope that delivering the information in this way will be the most engaging and stimulating experience for the students involved and involve the most effective means of education. Additionally, we hope that students will develop knowledge and understanding of the law, participate in group and whole-class debates and discussions, and work individually and in groups, taking on different roles and responsibilities.

Additional Benefits to pupils

We also hope that students will gain:

  • social competences, such as empathy, caring, communication skills and resistance skills;
  • problem solving skills through planning and goal setting,
  • feelings of efficacy, high self-esteem, a sense of independence and impulse control;
  • an insight into and interest in the legal field; and
  • knowledge about and a desire to undergo a university education


The Schools Project has given successful presentations at Hermitage Academy, Castlemilk High School, St Roch’s Secondary School, Our Lady & St Patrick’s High School, Drumchapel High School and Govan High School. Below are testimonials from the schools we have visited:

“The Law Clinic was a great experience that was enjoyed by all pupils. The experience opened their eyes to the importance of the law and the workings of the court. Speaking to and interacting with students studying Law at University was a big bonus for them.”

Mhairi Stewart, Head of Social Subjects at Hermitage Academy

“A team of students from the University of Strathclyde Law Clinic recently did two sessions with S2 pupils in Govan High School. Both sessions were designed to raise young people’s awareness of the place and importance of the law in our individual lives and in society in general. The first session took the form of a mock trial which actively involved the young people role playing a courtroom scenario. The second session, through games and a quiz, focused on cyber-bullying and misuse of modern ICT and social networking sites. The pupils responded well to the fact that both sessions were active, enjoyable and educational. They interacted well with their student ‘teachers’ and everyone agreed that the sessions were a success because the pupils had learned important things about the law which they had not known about before."

Kevin Sweeney, Deputy Head at Govan High School

"Please pass on the thanks of our pupils and staff for the wonderful inputs that you provided. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed it – the staff have told me they’ve picked up a few tricks themselves and the whole project was a resounding success. We are all looking forward to your future inputs to our school."

Maureen Park,Acting Depute Head Teacher, Saint Roch’s Secondary School

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