Public Legal Education

The Law Clinic offers a suite of Public Legal Education services to various groups, including school pupils and inmates at various prisons.

The aim is always to educate a group of their rights, so as to prevent legal problems arising.


  Aim Overview We have links with 6 local secondary schools and have worked with thousands of school pupils. To take Public Legal Education into schools in order to raise awareness of young people’s rights and responsibilities. We provide young people with information on the difference between criminal and civil law, employment law, consumer law, … Continue reading Schools


The Prisons Project is a proactive initiative, aiming to contribute to the rehabilitation of offenders. It began in February 2010 in HMYOI Polmont and now also runs in HMP Barlinnie. There are currently 35 members on the project. The purpose of the project is to provide offenders with information on their rights under the Rehabilitation … Continue reading Prisons