Online Advice Clinic

This service provides free initial legal advice and assistance for enquirers via the internet and without the need for a face to face interview, financial screening or attendance at one of our Initial Advice Clinics. Our aim, as always, is increasing access to justice.

If, having read our FAQs and case summaries, you have been unable to find the answer to your legal problem please submit the details of your enquiry to us.

The service will aim to provide general information and initial advice on solving common legal disputes in areas within our expertise and will not be suitable for complex or urgent legal matters. The University of Strathclyde Law Clinic will use its best efforts to identify whether your enquiry is suitable for this service within 7 days of your enquiry. If it is not suitable, we will use our best efforts to signpost another source of assistance for you. If the case is suitable, we will endeavour to respond within 15 working days.

However, please be aware that over the summer period our capacity to take on online cases will be diminished as some of our volunteer students are away. As a result, while we will attempt to answer your legal enquiry as soon as possible, we cannot promise it will be answered within 15 days.

Should you have any questions about using this service please contact the Law Clinic directly.

If you wish to use our service, please click on the link below where you will be asked to submit your details and enquiry and agree to our terms and conditions.

“Just based on the online enquiry form I submitted, the case workers in your team have fully understood this case, and therefore provided me with very professional advice! I wouldn’t expect any higher standard answers from a real law firm for the initial enquiries like this.”

-Online Enquirer