SWRC Summer Student Application

Each year, we take on a small number of students on a part-time paid basis over summer to ensure the Clinic can maintain its case load, develop its projects and be ready for the year to come. Our current envisaged start date is 10 June 2024 and the position will last for 12 weeks. The hourly rate of pay is £12.30 and you will be required to be available for 15 hours per week. 

There is a role that is specifically filled by an SWRC volunteer that works between the Just Right offices and the Clinic offices.

Due to the nature of this role, we require you to have had previously volunteered with the SWRC project. You also need to be returning to Strathclyde, and the Clinic, after the summer to be eligible for the role. 

You can also apply for this if you have applied for the regular summer student role.

You should receive a confirmation email after submitting your application. If you do not get this, please try make the application on a different browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome…). If this still does not work, please contact diane.inglis@strath.ac.uk directly.