AGM 2015

The annual Law Clinic AGM was hosted last night (Wednesday 28th October).  With a great turnout from both current and new members, the evening celebrated the past year’s successes – recognising the achievements of individual’s and the Clinic as a whole – as well as looking forward to the Clinic’s ambitions for the year ahead.

2015 seen the Clinic expand further towards it’s target of 300 student advisors, taking on new projects and staff members along the way.  In total, the Clinic worked on 382 cases in the past year across its direct client services, initial advice clinics and through online enquiries.  This number surpassed any previous year’s figures and has been testament to the hard work of the members and staff of the Clinic as well as its supporters. Over the year, we won or saved a total of £67,398.90 for our clients.

Project work is a major focus of the Clinic alongside its casework, and this year we welcomed Associate Members who dedicate their time solely to contributing to the success of these projects. With a diverse range of projects working in local schools, providing advice on housing issues, woman’s rights, immigration, criminal convictions and more, the Clinic’s portfolio is reaching wider than ever before.

2015 also seen ties forged with the University of Miami’s Health Rights Clinic. Benefitting from the comparative understanding of ethical issues arising across cultures, a strong working relationship has been formed, with ambassadors from both Universities taking time to travel to the other in an exchange of idea’s and working practices.

Continuing success domestically and increased collaboration with organisations and other Clinic’s both at home and abroad has facilitated organic expansion of the Clinic, and with a new intake of 68 Student Advisors as well as further Associate Members, the Clinic is set to go from strength to strength in the year ahead.

Rob McElroy

Communications Officer