(Natalie Marshall, Student Advisor and Elected Member)

In this mini-series of posts, the women of the clinic discuss the theme of ‘Break the Bias’, what this means to them, what International Women’s Day means to them, and experience they have that resonates with this year’s theme.

Growing up in a supportive household, I’ve always been encouraged to aim high in all aspects of my life, because I could achieve whatever I set my mind to. Throughout secondary school, I knew I longed for a career in the legal sector. At that current stage of my life, I was aiming for a career as a Police Officer, traditionally a male dominated career. People around me would often ask what kind of job I would want to do after school, when I answered with my ambitions to join Police Scotland, people would often look surprised, and I received a comment often by  “Are you sure you’ll be strong enough to handle yourself?”. At the time this did not phase me as I knew what I wanted to aim towards.

Fast forwarding a few years to starting the first year of my LLB in Scots Law at Strathclyde, my career goals had changed, and I was now working towards a goal of being a Solicitor. One particular day I was asked by a colleague what I studied at university, when I responded and told them I was doing Law, they looked shocked. This is generally not a big deal, however, when a male colleague said he also studied law the responses were always positive and encouraging. Females are becoming increasingly present in the legal world and as a result have transformed and continue to transform, the world socially and politically. This is something I am proud to be part of and hope to also encourage other women to do the same.

By Natalie Marshall, Student Advisor and Elected Member

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