Law Clinic actively involved in law reform (18 May 2009)

The Law Clinic recently took part in a joint consultation by the Law Commission of England and Wales and the Scottish Law Commission. Having had considerable experience over the last five or so years in consumer cases involving faulty goods, four Clinic students (Felix Boon, Neil Campbell, Scott McMaster, and Katy McSkimming) wrote a response to the consultation paper on behalf of the Clinic. This was referred to frequently in the summary of responses to the Law Commissions’ consultation and on two occasions the Law Clinic’s submission were directly quoted (see and

We are extremely pleased that our views and contributions may help law reform in this area. Law reform is something that the Law Clinic is keen to be involved in, seeing its role not solely as a provider of legal advice and representation, but also as a proactive organisation that helps improve access to justice by every possible means, including being active in law reform.

The summary of responses can be accessed at