Law Clinic Executive Committee 2020-2021

Now that the 2019-2020 Academic Year is officially over it’s time to welcome the 2020-2021 Executive Committee.

Over the past two months, interviews took place to recruit the Law Clinic’s 2020-2021 Executive Committee. The Law Clinic received applications from students from all years with all candidates showing great enthusiasm.

Students are crucial to the operation and running of the Law Clinic and it is the Executive Committee who take the reigns in guiding the Law Clinic. This years interviews identified key individuals who will be at the core of the running and development of the Law Clinic especially during this time of uncertainty.

Commenting on the new Executive Committee, Law Clinic Student Directors and Deputy Student Director had this to say:

Karen Yuill (Student Director) said: “After an amazing four years as a student advisor and firm coordinator I am delighted to be one of the new Student Directors. This gives me the opportunity to give something back to the Law Clinic before I finish my academic studies. I am looking forward to seeing how the new executive committee can drive the clinic forward in these unsettling times not only for our clients but for the students also.”

Jordan Hamlett (Student Director) said: “Since joining the Law Clinic, I have always been inspired by the Student Directors and the Executive Committee for all the extraordinary work they have accomplished. They have encouraged me from day one to get more involved in the Law Clinic and provide access to justice to the community. I am thrilled to be one of the new Student Directors alongside Karen Yuill and Rebecca Dyer and ecstatic to work alongside all the highly respectable and hardworking Executive Committee members. I am eager to see how the Executive Committee develop the Law Clinic over the coming year and I hope we are able to inspire individuals to provide access to justice as I have been inspired in the past.

Rebecca Dyer (Deputy Student Director) said: “I am ecstatic to be taking on the role of Deputy Student Director. My experience in the Law Clinic so far has been unforgettable and incredibly rewarding, and I can’t wait to continue my journey in this new role. This organisation is unique and full of hardworking, dedicated students and staff. I am confident that the new executive committee will bring something special in providing access to justice to our clients and developing the Law Clinic as a whole.”

The 2020-2021 Executive Committee is made up of the following people:

  • Student Directors: Karen Yuill and Jordan Hamlett
  • Deputy Student Director: Rebecca Dyer
  • Training Officer: Mhairi Strachan
  • IAC Coordinators: Anthony Pace and Cara Hope
  • Online Project Manager: TBC
  • Communications Officer: TBC
  • Prisons Project Manager: Emelia Conner
  • The Asylum Project Coordinator: Murray Kemp
  • SWRC Coordinator: Erin Connor
  • Criminal Convictions Unit Coordinator: TBC
  • Firm Coordinator (Firm A): Nicola Maguire
  • Firm Coordinator (Firm B): Carly Morrison
  • Firm Coordinator (Firm C): Beth Muirhead
  • Firm Coordinator (Firm D): TBC
  • Firm Coordinator (Firm E): Lauryn Dawber
  • Firm Coordinator (Firm F): Daniel Leyden