Now that the 2020-2021 Academic Year is officially over it’s time to welcome the 2021-2021 Executive Committee.

Over the past month, interviews took place to recruit the Law Clinic’s 2021-2022 Executive Committee. The Law Clinic received applications from students from all years with all candidates showing great enthusiasm.

Students are imperative to the operation and running of the Law Clinic and it is the Executive Committee who take the reigns in guiding the Law Clinic. This years interviews identified key individuals who will be at the core of the running and development of the Law Clinic, especially during this time of continued uncertainty.

Our Elected Committee Members remain in post until the next AGM which is normally in October.

Commenting on the new Executive Committee, Law Clinic Student Directors had this to say:

Rebecca Dyer (Student Director) said:

“After an extremely rewarding and invaluable experience as a Student Advisor, Firm Coordinator and Deputy Student Director, I am elated to be taking on the role of Student Director. Being part of the Law Clinic has been the highlight of my university career, and as the 2021-2022 Academic Year marks my final year of academic study, this role signifies the end of my journey and will allow me to give something back to the Law Clinic. To outgoing Executive Committee members, I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work, support and contributions to the Law Clinic, as well as your passion and drive in providing access to justice. I wish you all the very best for the future! To new and existing Executive Committee members, I am delighted to be working with you all, and I very much look forward to collaborating with you in the year ahead. I am extremely confident that this new Executive Committee will ensure the Law Clinic’s future development overall, always keeping our passion for providing access to justice at the centre of our mission and reaching as many people in need of our service as possible.”

Jordan Hamlett (Student Director) said:

Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to the outgoing Executive Committee members, including but not limited to last year’s Student Director, Karen Yuill, and I wish everyone the absolute best in your future endeavours. Secondly, it isn’t easy to put into words as to how excited I am for the upcoming year and to work with the new Executive Committee members and the members who retained their position for another year. All the members on the Executive Committee are incredibly passionate about providing access to justice, and I do not doubt that the new and remaining members will significantly contribute to the progressing of the Law Clinic so that the clinic can provide access to justice to a broader community.”

The 2021-2022 Executive Committee is made up of the following people:

Student Directors: Jordan Hamlett and Rebecca Dyer

IAC Coordinator: Cara Hope

Deputy IAC Coordinator: Alanna Sommerville

Online Project Manager: Laura Hart

Training Officer: Mhairi Strachan

Deputy Training Officer: Sophie Rook

CCU Coordinator: Caoimhean Mac Dhorchaidh

Prisons Project Manager: Gregor Henderson

Deputy Prisons Project Manager: Katie Gardener

Firm Coordinator (Firm A): Nicola Maguire

Firm Coordinator (Firm B): Carly Morrison

Firm Coordinator (Firm C): Martin Gallacher

Firm Coordinator (Firm D): Carmen Rowat

Firm Coordinator (Firm E): TBC

Firm Coordinator (Firm F): Daniel Leyden

SWRC Coordinator: Erin Connor

The Asylum Project Co-Coordinator: TBC

Funding Officer: TBC

Communications Officer: TBC

Elected Committee Members:

  • Ronan Leslie
  • Laura Nicol
  • Karen Lee-Johnston
  • Youssef Abdul Azeez
  • Rosie McIntosh
  • Adriana Cavallaro
  • Ashlie Henderson
  • Jonathon McNamara
  • Caitlin McAllister
  • Peter Akehurst