New Cohort of Case Workers

The University of Strathclyde Law Clinic recently concluded its Initial Advisor Training. A total of 61 new advisers were successfully trained over four sessions designed to brief new advisers on all aspects of the Clinic’s work.

Sessions involved exercises designed to teach interviewing skills, introductions to legal research with Charles Hennessy, Academic Director of the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice at the university, and professional ethics lessons with Dr Rhonda Wheate. Mock interviews and letter writing lessons allowed new members to develop skills which will aid them throughout their time at the Clinic and beyond.

New members were given the opportunity to meet each other, and were enthusiastic and hard-working.

A member of the new cohort, Jesse Frohlich reflected: ‘The initial advisor training was great for a number of reasons. Firstly, it was informative and really made us feel confident in what we were expected to do as part of the Law Clinic. It also gave us a lot of helpful guidance and tips that would help us in both our legal education and future employment. Lastly, it was a lot of fun. We were divided into groups and in our groups we bonded and have become good friends which is great for students who may be new to university or Glasgow.’

Training Officer Roisin Flatman said that: ‘Training was a great success and we would like to extend thanks to those who helped out with training, including staff and existing members.’

Student Director Fergus Lawrie added: ‘This year’s Initial Advisor Training, organised by Roisin Flatman, was a resounding success. We continued to develop the training programme, better equipping our new recruits to take on their first cases and fight for our clients. Most importantly, our new members performed exceptionally, showing great promise. It is wonderful to see that the future of the clinic and that our clients are in safe hands.’