New Student Advisors (November 2013)

The Clinic is delighted to announce that 57 new Student Advisors are now fully trained and ready to begin to take on cases and become involved in our projects.

Student Director, Helen Donnelly, said:

“From their high levels of attendance at the Annual General Meeting and the series of enquiries I have received regarding our various community projects, I have a very positive feeling that there is a lot of promise among the new advisors.  For that, I am extremely grateful.  The Clinic is nothing without the students.”

Professor Donald Nicolson added:

“It is a great pleasure to welcome another new generation of Law Clinic Student Advisors. Every year, we are overwhelmed by the dedication and commitment displayed by our new intake, and we are confident that this year will be no exception. With this new intake our membership has increased to almost 200 students – more than we have had for a long time. As such, we can expect even greater things from our student-led organisation intent on enhancing access to justice.”

We look forward to being able to celebrate the success that all these new students will undoubtedly achieve on behalf of their clients.

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