As it is pro bono week we are keen to highlight one of our pro bono projects, SWRC. In this article our SWRC Coordinator, Amy Woodcock, explains what SWRC is, discusses her involvement in the project, and talks about the experience she has gained through the project.

(Amy Woodcock, Student Advisor and SWRC Coodinator)

The Scottish Women’s Rights Centre (SWRC) is a collaboration between Rape Crisis, the University of Strathclyde Law Clinic, and Just Right Scotland. The main aim of the SWRC is to ensure that women in Scotland who have been affected by gender-based violence can access timely and appropriate legal advice and information. The SWRC began in 2015 working mainly in the central belt and has since expanded into other areas in Scotland. The SWRC is a feminist organization; our core belief is that violence against women and girls is a symptom of gender inequality.

The work carried out by the SWRC is indispensable as they seek to close the gap between women in society who have experienced gender-based violence and their access to justice. Not only do they represent survivors of abuse but they carry out  research and policy work to influence and improve the functions of the legal system for women.

I have been a volunteer for the SWRC for a year now and the experience I have gained has been invaluable. Not only have I developed my legal skills but also I have grown more aware of the modern-day issues affecting women within society. I can see how vital the work that the SWRC carry out is not only for their clients but for all women. The SWRC provides a variety of resources ranging from your rights in the criminal justice process to more recently your rights regarding Brexit. This is easy-to-access information that can offer guidance to anyone impacted.

I look forward to continuing working closely alongside the SWRC and being able to contribute to achieving their aims.

By Amy Woodcock, Student Advisor and SWRC Coordinator

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