Working as an Scottish Women’s Rights Centre Intern

(Amy Woodcock, Student Advisor and SWRC Coordinator)

Student advisor, Amy Woodcock, talks about her experience as an SWRC intern. Amy reflects on her concerns after obtaining the internship role and how she overcame these, ultimately gaining invaluable experience. Notedly, Amy has recently secured the role of SWRC coordinator for the coming academic year (2022-23).

For the entirety of my second semester, I was given the opportunity to work as an intern for The Scottish Women’s Right centre alongside my studies. During this time, I was given a variety of tasks which included assisting the solicitors with work on their upcoming cases whilst also conducting research for blogs and guides that would be posted on their website as part of the ROSA project.

Initially I found the experience extremely daunting as I did not feel as though I deserved to be there, an issue in which I am sure many of my peers will also have experienced. However, I was able to push this feeling aside due to the kindness and support that I was shown by those who also worked within the SWRC. Within the first week I already felt as though I was a valued member of the team whose opinion held merit.

I feel as though the experience allowed me to develop my practical skills such as research methods, and also gave me insight into areas of law which otherwise would not be covered within my degree. I was able to go over and above the law in order to see the impact  which it was having in everyday life, as well as gaining a greater insight into the protections and procedures which are available to survivors, which  again is not an area I was knowledgeable of  prior to my internship..

Prior to starting my law degree, I had the intention of pursuing a career  which had a positive impact on society and was able to help others. The work carried out during this time only strengthened this desire and made me feel as though I was capable of achieving this. I look forward to continuing my work alongside the SWRC for the rest of my degree as well as being able to strengthen the amazing connections I already have with them.

To anyone that is involved within the SWRC already I would highly recommend applying for their summer internship as it is not only a great opportunity to gain some legal experience but also extremely rewarding and if anyone is not already involved within the SWRC I would equally recommend getting involved in the next academic year.

I am so thankful to not only the SWRC but Strathclyde’s Law Clinic for providing me with this opportunity and for giving me the opportunity to solidify my career path.

By Amy Woodcock, Student Advisor and SWRC Coordinator

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