A Day in the Life of a Summer Student – Emma Manson

Over the summer months I have been able to see the full extent of the fantastic work that the Law Clinic does on a daily basis. During term time it is easy to focus only on the cases you are personally involved in, however the summer placement has allowed me to see the full spectrum of cases that the clinic takes on.

Each day in the clinic is different but it is always guaranteed to be busy. The bulk of my day is spent on case work – normally student advisors would have one or two cases, however my case load has risen to nine to ensure cases don’t fall through the cracks during the summer, so there is certainly lots to do. I usually start my day by setting out which tasks I should prioritise for the day ahead, paying special attention to any urgent matters or clients who should be contacted. Even a well-planned day could be turned on its head at the arrival of a letter from a client, respondent or even the Employment Tribunal but this keeps every day interesting!

As this is my first year in the clinic, my summer placement has enabled me to become more familiar with all the clinic staff and dedicated student advisors. Sharing thoughts and opinions on cases has been a great way to improve and refine my work in the Law Clinic, make great friends and improve my ability to provide access to justice.