Experience of a Summer Student – Ivy Hill

Every year the Law Clinic provides a group of students with the opportunity to work during the summer holidays. The Law Clinic supports clients throughout the year and it has been extremely rewarding to be able to ensure that clients continue to receive high quality support during the summer period.

(Summer Student: Ivy Hill)

This year with COVID-19 preventing us from being together in the office, our summer student roles were carried out online. Despite working from home, the law clinic still managed to keep the comfortable, close-knit working atmosphere between students and supervisors and continue to help our clients. I was hired to take on the role of legal research which meant updating all of the legal information on our website to make it more user friendly. We were very grateful to the Alumni Fund for enabling us to carry our work this summer.

Updating our website and online resources was vital this year because while our offices are closed physically, more people are relying on the website to get information about their legal issues. As a direct result of the Alumni Fund supporting this project, we now feel confident that people can look through our website and find the information they need with ease and in the case that they can’t become a client of the law clinic, we are able to direct them to the website which will help them navigate the process of their case.

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