Law Clinic IAC Co-ordinator secures Best Contribution by an Individual Student at the LawWorks and Attorney General Awards

The Law Clinic is absolutely delighted to be able to announce that Jacky Wall secured victory at the LawWorks and Attorney General Award Ceremony in London. For everybody here at the Law Clinic, this is a fantastic display of recognition for Jacky’s constant hard work and drive.

Jacky Wall

Jacky has been pivotal in the recent expansion of the IACs, and her compassion for her individual clients saw her gain the award despite very tough competition.

Clearly overwhelmed to receive the award, Jacky said:

“I am honoured and absolutely delighted with this recognition.  It is a testament to the hard work and commitment of many, and it makes me very proud to have played a part in such a worthwhile cause.  I hope that it is evidence that there are opportunities for all in the Law Clinic, and that it motivates others to go the extra mile for our clients.”

However, the victory was particularly poignant for Helen Donnelly, Student Director, who added that:

We are extremely proud to have Jacky Wall in our ranks. In winning the award for Best Contribution by an Individual Student, Jacky has been rewarded for her tireless efforts to enhance access to justice for the people of Glasgow and the surrounding area. Through her work as the co-ordinator for the Initial Advice Clinic, Jacky made it possible for the Law Clinic to help a total of 161 people in 2012-13, almost doubling the amount of clients to whom we were able to offer some assistance in that year. She is a terrific example of selfless hard work and professionalism which epitomises the spirit of pro bono.”

Donald Nicolson, Law Clinic Director, moved by yet more Law Clinic recognition at this award ceremony, remarked that:

“It is incredibly gratifying to see Jacky follow ex-Student Director, Hannah Cosgrove in winning the individual award for pro bono services. It is also highly appropriate that we have won this award two years in a row and three times in the last four years given the central role played by our students in making the Law Clinic such a success. While other Law Clinics have more funding, we are able to offer the same level and quality of services largely due to the energy and initiative of our students. In helping us dramatically expand such services, Jacky richly deserves her award and we are very proud of her achievement.”

Our sincere congratulations go to Jacky, who was clearly a very deserving winner of this fantastic award.