March Newsletter

Case updates:

This has been a busy month for casework. Well done to all of our Student Advisors involved in cases at the moment, and thank you for your hard work! Here are some things our advisors have achieved this month…

  • Retrieved a deposit that was not placed in an approved scheme.
  • Represented a client in an Employment Tribunal, which lasted for three days.
  • Achieved an excellent settlement for a client.
  • Completed their first ever representation at a Preliminary Hearing.
  • Took on an SSSC fitness to practice case, which was dropped by the panel as a result.
  • Completed a difficult ET1 form and agenda.
  • One of our advisors was told on Friday that a housing hearing was going ahead on Monday, and managed to prepare to represent in that short space of time. This is no easy feat, particularly given the hectic time of the academic year.  

Events and Training

International Women’s Day Event

On March 6th, the Strathclyde Law Clinic held an International Women’s Day event in partnership with the Scottish Women’s Rights Centre and Just Right Scotland. The event was spearheaded by project supervisor Amy Woodcook, and it celebrated the contributions of women in law, emphasizing the need for further advancements. Highlights included speeches from female legal professionals, the introduction of the FollowIt app by Nicola Mooney for aiding stalking survivors, and insightful talks by Hannah Fergusson and Rebecca Coltart on the importance of empathy and communication in legal support for survivors. The event, opened by Clinic director Kate Laverty, also featured a special appearance by The Right Honourable Lady Sarah Wolffe KC, who shared her experiences and reflections on women’s evolving roles in law.

To hear more about the event check out our Instagram or other articles on the topic at or

SSSC Training

Recently, we had a fantastic session on SSSC fitness to practice hearings by Tom Miller, a senior solicitor at the Scottish Social Services Council.

Thank you so much to Tom for coming in to provide training. This was an extremely insightful session which I am sure will serve our advisors well on future cases.

Training is invaluable for our student advisors, allowing us to grow and be able to provide better, more effective services to members of the public. Sessions such as these help achieve our mission of access to justice.

Advisor News:


It has been an extremely busy period for our honours year students. They have recently handed in their dissertations. A huge congratulations must go to all our advisors writing dissertations! Many of our student advisors completing dissertations balance, the Law Clinic, having executive committee positions, jobs and more! You have all done an incredible job and put in an impressive amount of hard work.

Exam Season

With assignment season (just about) completed, our Student Advisors are now busy preparing for final exams. We want to take this opportunity to wish you all the best of luck!

Law Ball

We also just want to take this opportunity thank the Law Society for their hard work in organising this year’s Law Ball which took place on the 22nd March 2023, and was enjoyed by many of our members!

Other News:


As we enter the month of Ramadan it is important to be considerate of Muslim students and colleagues.

The University of Strathclyde has four prayer spaces on campus with the following facilities:

  1. St Paul’s Building, Basement Level 2 Martha Street, Glasgow G1 1BX – sisters prayear room, brothers prayer room, separate brothers and sisters kitchen, separate brothers and sisters wudhu area, socialising area, sisters study area, Qurans and Islamic books, prayer mats, prayer fresses for sisters.
  2. Andersonian library reflection room, entrance level, opposite to Starbucks – prayer room separated by a curtain, prayer mats, Qurans and Islamic books, prayer dresses for sisters, chairs.
  3. Student union reflection room, Level 2 near the stairs (ask reception for help to find the location if needed) – lockable prayer room, chair with a table.
  4. Graham Hills reflection room – main entrance level (George Street) opposite to doors – prayer room, prayer mats, Quarans and Islamic books, prayer dresses for sisters.

For further information or support please get in contact with Strathclyde University Muslim Students Association (SUMSA) at or the University Chaplaincy service at

Linkedin Alumni Group:

This month our alumni group launched on Linkedin. This group is for our alumni to connect with current advisors and each other, reminisce on old memories, provide advice and explore further opportunities to volunteer.

You can check this out on our Linkedin via requesting to join with the following link –