OBE for our Director, Professor Donald Nicolson (11th June 2011)

We are delighted to announce that our Director, Professor Donald Nicolson has been the proud recipient of an OBE as part of the Queen’s Birthday Honours List. Professor Nicolson has been recognised for his dedication and services to the legal profession, something which we all aim to echo within our work in the Law Clinic.

Donald has been a Professor in the Law School since 2000. Prior to his appointment here, he was involved as a student in the University of Cape Town Law Clinic and then taught law at the Universities of Cape Town, Reading, and Bristol, where he also set up and ran a law clinic, which continues to thrive, though not to the extent of our clinic!. In his role as founding director of the Law Clinic, Donald has acted as a mentor and consistently provided encouragement for all students involved in helping address the problem of access to justice. For this he was awarded a Life Changers Award from his union in 2008 and the Glasgow Evening News Community Champion (Central and West Glasgow) in 2010.

The Law Clinic are very proud of all of the work that Professor Nicolson has achieved and we are extremely privileged to be part of it.