Student Directors Provide Unique Presentation to Thailand Senior Judges

The University of Strathclyde Law Clinic was given the unique opportunity to present the Law Clinic to thirty-five senior Judges, including several members of the Supreme Court, from Thailand.

The event, organised by Paul James Cardwell, a Professor in the Law School, was part of a two week trip and aimed to provide the Thai Judges with an insight into the University of Strathclyde Law School and aspects of the Scottish and English Legal and Criminal Justice Systems.

While on a trip to the Sheriff Court, one of the Sheriffs discussed the Law Clinic with the Judges who expressed an interest in learning more about the Law Clinic.

James Anderson and Kirstie Webb, Student Directors of the Strathclyde Law Clinic, volunteered to provide a presentation to the Judges, aimed at describing the work the Law Clinic carries out, how it operates and students involvement in the Clinic.

Both Directors found the experience invaluable with Kirstie Webb stating: “When Kate mentioned that representatives of the Law Clinic had been asked to present the objectives and ideologies of the Law Clinic to thirty-five Supreme Court Judges, I was thrilled to have this rare opportunity. The Judges were extremely interested in the way that the Clinic operates and the work that we do, and I hope that we inspired with our presentation and left a lasting impression of the work we do here at Strathclyde.”

James Anderson recalled: “It was an exceptional experience to address thirty-five Supreme Court Judges from another country. I was immensely proud to relay the work of the Clinic and how it benefits the general public and students alike. During our time with the Judges we learned that Thailand does not currently have anything comparable to a Law Clinic, therefore it was a privilege to convey and hopefully encourage the principle of access to justice through Law Clinics to such an esteemed audience.”

Dr Supakit Yampracha, one of the judges who coordinated the visit and who is a former PhD student at Strathclyde Law School, said, “It was a great opportunity for the visiting judges to hear about the work of the Law Clinic at Strathclyde. We do not have Law Clinics in Thailand, so it was very interesting to hear how the students and staff at Strathclyde have developed their role in helping people in Glasgow”.

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