University of Strathclyde Law Clinic: Advocacy Training Blog Post

Law Clinic Deputy Training Officer and student advisor, Sophie Rook, writes about the Advocacy Training event hosted by the Law Clinic and led by two solicitors from DAC Beachcroft.

(Deputy Training Officer and Student Advisor: Sophie Rook)

On the 14th of October 2020, the Law Clinic hosted an impressive and informative advocacy training event led by two solicitors from DAC Beachcroft. The tickets sold out quickly and everyone who attended enjoyed an insightful and engaging presentation and were also able to discuss advocacy skills with individuals who have first-hand experience in the profession. John Stringer, an ex-Law Clinic student, and Jamie Varney, who has extensive experience in both criminal and civil advocacy, were brilliant and shared their wealth of knowledge on how to prepare a case for court and approach cross-examination.

In the clinic, we exercise advocacy skills in cases which involve the Employment Tribunal, the SSSC, the First-tier Tribunal (Housing) and when dealing with Simple Procedure in the sheriff court. As such, this session was invaluable for all who were able to attend.

More generally, the afternoon provided a deeper understanding of the profession and also a sense of comfort that even seasoned professionals still get nervous attending court. One of our attendees, Catriona MacBean, thoroughly enjoyed the session and stated:

“John and Jamie were so lovely and engaging throughout the training. I felt very reassured when they said it is natural to feel nervous in court, even twenty years down the line.”

Overall, the session was a great success and a brilliant experience for all our attendees. We hope to provide more training like this throughout the year, not only to help improve our work in the clinic but also to build on our confidence and prepare us for working life.