University of Strathclyde Law Clinic: The Online Project

Our Online Project Manager, Francesca Pozzo, and Deputy Online Project Manager, Laura Hart, have written a blog post about our Online Project and detail how to seek assistance through our online advice service. 

What is The Online Project?

The Online Project is a free legal information and guidance service accessible through the Law Clinic website. Anyone can submit an enquiry online and will receive a response from one of our trained Student Advisors within just a few weeks. This service is intended to give some general guidance only and is ideal for people who cannot afford to consult a solicitor and cannot obtain legal aid but perhaps just need some initial guidance  regarding the legal aspects of an issue and/or an idea of their next steps towards resolution. The Online Project can help with a range of legal issues including, but not limited to, employment, housing/property, and consumer rights.

What happens when I submit an enquiry?

When we receive an enquiry, it is checked to ensure that it is suitable for an online response. Then a Student Advisor will be allocated to your case. They will apply their own knowledge and conduct research to provide some guidance in response to your query. The advice is all checked over by one of our qualified supervisors.

What will the advice include?

The response will include:

  • An explanation of the relevant law and how it applies to your issue
  • Links to any useful resources and/or services
  • Guidance on the options available and an outline of how to progress

Our dedication to increasing access to justice

This service helps to increase access to justice for those who do not have access to advice or representation. This is a valuable service notwithstanding the pandemic, but with many in lockdown and facing unprecedented circumstances, it is particularly helpful.

If you have a legal issue and would like advice, then our Online Project is here to help you – find us at: