A Day in the Life of a Summer Student – Rebecca Dyer

Every year the Law Clinic provides a group of students with the opportunity to work during the summer holidays. The Law Clinic supports clients throughout the year and it has been extremely rewarding to be able to ensure that clients continue to receive high quality support during the summer period.

“This year, I was given the opportunity to work in the Law Clinic with a group of fellow students during the summer. The service provided by the Law Clinic to clients runs throughout the whole year, and I can truly say that it is a pleasure to have been part of a team ensuring that this support and assistance is continued over the summer. It has been so rewarding to continue to provide access to justice to those who need it the most.

Throughout my summer working in the Law Clinic, this role allowed me to work on an abundance of different cases, giving me insight of the true scope in which this organisation helps people. There is no day that is the same. I have been able to provide help and assistance to clients as well as progress and develop my own skills. As part of the Asylum Project, I have been one of the students responsible for meeting new referrals in need of support with their asylum claims, creating new resources and improving the administration of the Asylum Project. I am also a Firm Co-ordinator and have spent the summer months organising my firm and strategizing for the academic year ahead.

I have recently taken on more responsibility in the Law Clinic, after taking on a Firm Co-ordinator position. My experience working in the Law Clinic over the summer has allowed me to familiarise myself with this role and has given me the opportunity to discuss and work with my fellow dedicated students and staff. This has been valuable in improving my work in the Law Clinic and provide a high quality service to clients, giving them access to justice.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunities that have been given to me as a member of the Law Clinic.”

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