The Food Bank and Benefits Project

The University of Strathclyde Law Clinic’s Food Bank and Benefits Project is a relatively new project which is currently in its pilot phase. The project aims to assist members of the community with benefits-related issues at drop-in sessions held regularly at Lodging House Mission (LHM). One of the project’s regular and dedicated volunteers, Sam Daniel, describes how the project impacts on both the clients it assists and the student advisors that volunteer on it. 

“I never quite know what to expect when I arrive at LHM as every day presents new challenges. On a typical day, the project involves finding accommodation for people that typically lack any official form of it. This is incredibly worthwhile and the difference that you can make to peoples’ lives is plain.

The people I have met on this project are particularly inspiring, somehow managing to persevere with the bravest of faces in times of true and evident hardship. Clients have shared some incredible stories with me, and it is these humbling stories that motivate me to continue this work for them and achieve the best possible outcome. There is not always an easy fix for our clients’ problems, but being able to support them through the process is why I think this project is invaluable. Every time I volunteer I can help towards securing a client a roof to sleep under — something which may not otherwise have happened.”