Law Clinic Pilots Innovative Business Law Bootcamp

On 21st June 2016, the University of Strathclyde held its first Business Law Bootcamp, a service that offers businesses legal advice on the issues that affect them.
Bootcamp Photo

The Clinic’s Small Business Law Unit (SBLU) ran its first ever Business Law Bootcamp on the 21st June, with the kind assistance of DLA Piper. This all day event gave key information on the areas of law that affect businesses, such as employment law, intellectual property law and contract law and negotiation.

The event received great feedback and we hope to run further bootcamps again following the launch of our pilot in Autumn 2016. This pilot will also include the provision of bespoke advice for three businesses.

By providing these services, we hope that we will be helping to rejuvenate the local community and empower the individuals behind these businesses to realise their business aspirations; make their businesses a success; and enforce good business practices. This not only helps the individual, but helps their employees, customers and the local community.

In doing so, we will be working closely with other organisations currently providing business support across the city and the university in order to provide a holistic network of support to the small business community.

For further information, please contact us.